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Creating this website was one of the most important and interesting projects of my high school career. It feels more meaningful than a typical high school project. Though I had access to many primary sources during my research, My most important source was a document filled out upon his enlistment which provided information about his background. It was from this document that I found out what his hobbies were, where he worked, and where he went to church. This provided most of the information contained on the "Early Life" page. If I could talk to this soldier, I would probably ask him if he felt scared when he went to war. When he enlisted, he was only one year older than I am, and I would be terrified to go to war. I would also ask whether he ever felt self-conscious about the fact that he was not a front-line soldier or sailor, when fighting on the battlefield was considered much more heroic and masculine than working as a hospital apprentice. During my research for this project, I was exposed more than ever before to the monumental effect that wars can have on individual people. Donald Kennedy was only 19 at the time of his death. He had hugged his mother goodbye less than a year before his death. My research also made me realize how many heroes are forgotten. The stories of men like Kennedy should be told and remembered, because anyone who is brave and selfless enough to make the ultimate sacrifice deserves honor and recognition. 

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